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The Best places to eat in Jodhpur-

Jodhpur, a famous place of Rajasthan, is known as a top city to enjoy the vacation. The more this city
is beautiful, the more the dishes of Jodhpur are popular in India.  Today, we are going to let your
through restaurant and areas where you can eat or have a taste of scrumptious dishes. Rajasthani
cuisine has made a unique place when it comes to being popular dishes and sweets. Whether it is
sweet, veg food, non veg food, and Chinese or international cuisine you get all types of food in
Jodhpur but once you go there you will be excited to eat Rajasthani food once. The beautifully
decorated Rajasthani thali attracts tourists to eat. 
The most important thing is all the hotels and restaurant serves you pure desi ghee khana. Also,
you will find all the desi ghee and milk products in Rajasthan. All the restaurants are situated on road
so that everyone will find them easily. There are some dishes such as dal bati churma, gatta curry,
bajra roti known as Rajasthani dishes that wins everyone’s heart. There is large number of best places
to eat in Jodhpur let’s have a look on those eating places-

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1 - Gypsy- This restaurant near Sardarpura is known for the luxurious Rajasthani thali that it has on offer. It
includes 29 dishes; it is healthy for the kings. Make sure you depart with a huge craving to enjoy the
local local dishes, lovingly cooked in countless flavours. What stood out for us were the Dal Bati
Churma, kadhi roti and the sweet Balushahi.

2 - Baradari restaurant- This is a very classy and comfy restaurant in Jodhpur. The dining area is situated near swimming pool.
Menu is partial and you can enjoy standard and high quality wines here. It is a satisfying place for
royal diners. You can take pleasure in an uplifting ambience, valid menu and good examine.

3 - Hanwant mahal- This restaurant near circuit house road offers a gorgeous rooftop setting with dramatic view of the
fortress, backed by delicious dishes to raise the entire experience. This royal restaurant is situated in
Umaid Hills. It is famous for rooftop setting, view of palace and attractive menu. It is very well-known
for Gulab Jamun. It is private from the hustle action of the city, and very well-liked with the locals. So
it’s best to make a condition beforehand. Here you will surely find to eat favorites like Bater, Gatta
Curry, Lal Maas, Ker Sangri, etc.

4 - Jharokha – This eating place is famous for the dramatic city view, multi cuisine menu and appetizing desserts. The
hotel is very famed for pancakes. It is an idealistic dining spot famous among tourists and locals. This
is an open-sky eating place in Hotel Haveli.

5 - Shandar sweet home- They have an inadequate selection of dishes, counting some interesting ones like Gulab Jamun ki Sabji.
Must-tries comprise Dahi Vada, Gatta Curry, and Lahsun Dal. This is a huge division running at
dissimilar locations at Jalori Bari Road in Jodhpur. It is celebrated for sweets, snacks and fresh juice
counter. There are hasty food items too like Mawa Kachori as well as Onion Kachori is famous here.
You will find manually choosing through the different kinds such as Mawa Kachori, Plain Kachori,
Pyaaz Kachori, and the like. Team them with a mug of masala chai and that is pure bliss. Jodhpur has
secrecy in its air when it comes to food. Whether you are veg or non veg lover you will find everything
to eat in Jodhpur. In case, you are international foodie, you are able to eat this too in Rajasthan. 
Apart from that, there are international chains of restaurants for those who want to flavor their home
style infrequently. Jodhpur is truthfully a food lovers’ heaven. And then you have the famous pani patasa,
kachoris and makhaniya lassi and sugary meats like ghevar and malpua to prickle your flavor buds. 
According to the above mentioned post, we can say that Jodhpur is a city full of variety of dishes. If you
are going to Rajasthan, I would like to suggest you to have a taste of Jodhpuri khana.